Book publication "Policing the Home Front 1914-1918: The control of the British population at war"

Publication as a research monography will be by Routledge, part of the Taylor and Francis Group. The publication date is expected mid-February 2019 in hardback and as an e-book. The Chapters are:
1. Introduction 
2. The Police before the Great War 
3. Controversies over the War Separation Allowance 
4. Policing Alcohol 
5. The Rise of Women?
6. Living Costs 
7. Pensions and Philanthropy 
8. Conscription and the Police 
9. Policing Sexual Health 
10. The Police as Ploughmen and Farm Workers 
11. Flashpoints and Tensions
12. Youth Crime 
13. The Police and Food Control 
14. The Corrupting Effects of the Cinema 
15. Conclusions
This is an immensely exciting history project which has taken me to many archives around Britain and many British libraries. You can see more information at
These blogs give you snippets of some of the excitment at the finds I have made, as well as the sadness of some of the book's contents.

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